Data loss !

A backup of his data is that any computer owner should do regularly.

donnees    Difficult to know when a software problem or mechanical will happen and when it happens, sometimes it is impossible to recover data, so easy to save before.

  The easiest way to avoid loss of data is the automatic registration on another partition (other than the one that contains the operating system) hard drive, but this does not prevent loss of data due to a mechanical problem.

   You can save data on CD / DVD or use a web server provided for this purpose (a specialized service or simply a web host on which the data are sent back via FTP).

  There are also solutions that enable RAID data redundancy and therefore have an effective way to recover your data in case of failure.

Data loss can happen after a:

1) A software problem:

  - Deleting files,
  - A computer virus or a worm,
  - File system corrupt,
  - The removal or inaccessibility of partitions,
  - A password or encryption forgotten

2) A mechanical breakdown:

  - Hard disk failure,
  - Damage caused by fire or water,
  - A short-circuit or a mechanical problem


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