Why a new installation ?

The day when the computer starts to crash, so rowing previously unthinkable or simply it will not boot ... look at a new installation of the operating system.

   It is a task not difficult in itself but do not forget to backup your data (photos, documents, music, videos ...) before the new facility.
This of course in cases where the data is already on another partition, see another hard drive ... and it's almost never the case.

   Above all, therefore, for any new installation will think:

• partition the hard drive that will keep the new operating system (PC or MAC is similar)
• recover the pilots of all computer peripherals
• configure the OS installed for the better
• install the standard softwares
• create a disc image to avoid in the future to repeat the "galley"

A new computer equipment at home, all beautiful, brand new but without a particular configuration, that of the house.

   What is a computer, a printer, a router or an IP camera, the work still to do the same in principle, it is a MAC or PC.

Personalize the standard device !

   Although the installation instructions are in general quite explicit that the Internet can find answers to specific questions, there are still some cases when the time spent and stress can be reduced.materiel informatique

have you scary... click here !

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