Reasons for a computer network

More than one computer at home
reseau portables

Sharing data through removable media (USB, SD-card, CD, DVD, etc.) always been and remains possible but in a network data transfer is faster and more enjoyable for the user.

It remains to choose between Ethernet wired network with a throughput up to 1 Gbps, Wi-Fi, the wireless network and PLC, LAN through the power grid from home.

portable reseau ethernet A laptop

For to be ever portable, a laptop or netbook should not be linked with a cable (except for charging the batteries).

In this case, WiFi is almost obligatory, but above all ... mobility.

Peripherals computer to share

A computer network in place and it ends with the forever connection - disconnection of various common peripherals (printer, scanner, external hard drive, etc.). network divers

With a computer network, sharing of data between computers in the house is fast, efficient and without headache and makes printing possible without moving the printer out of his place.

Also, through the computer network, sharing data becomes possible even if there are different operating systems Windows, Mac OSx or Linux.

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