Why validate his website?

The use of Web Standards will ensure compatibility of pages with all browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, Google Chrome ...) regardless of the SO (Windows, Apple, Linux ...).

From this point of view, web pages according to W3c standards are generally 30 to 80% faster to display pages that are content that a perfect design (validation does not exclude, of course, design ).

This means simply, quick access to information that the user looking for.


The W3C validator, available on the Consortium Web site, checks the compliance of the syntax and compliance with the DTD (Document Type Definition) selected.

Make its website complies with W3C specifications is critical to control the quality of the code and follow the SEO of the site.

Test the HTML code of every page of its Web site through the W3C validator, helps identify coding errors and significantly improve the visibility of a website.
Make valid CSS pages of its Web site through the W3C Validator ensures the display of the site almost identical in all browsers.

The same way, the validation of RSS or Atom feeds from its web site, improves chances of entering the site in RSS directories on the Web.


Once validation is obtained, corresponding W3C icons can be inserted in the pages of the site, evidence of the quality of each web page of the site.

The result of this validation can be followed on Alexa.com, a site that quantifies the traffic on the web site above.

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